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This model challenges you to find the way to the treasure. The model may seem to be an ordinary model, but if you look at the back you'll find a small compartement with a note. It states that the pyramid contains a secret treasure. But first you must find the secret opening. Then you must find the Aztec Chief's staff. Only then can you remove the black stone that keeps you from the treasure. All other ways will lead to certain death! To help your hunting - remove the top...
The way past the mummy, the snakes, the scorpions and the shark pool should not tempt a clever treasure hunter! If he should go there - and still live - he'll end up facing a black wall. No, the clever hunter sees the door blocked by a black stone. Behind it he'll detect a green glow.
But, how will he get the indian's staff?  A closer look at the pyramid will reveal a hidden pool left of the stairs in front. Here's the staff that he will need.
But, how should the staff be used? The clever hunter will check out the pyramid and find a small hole at the the top to the eastern side. Reasoning with logic the hunter will know to use the staff to push out the heavy black stone.
Under pressure the stone will fall out, and if he goes down the stair an enters through the secret opening again, the adventurer is now able to get in and have a closer look a the green glow he has seen through the door.
And he has discovered the treasure! The green glow stemmed from a jewel placed on a shiny silver plate! You can make an adventurous building just as well with your bricks and imagination - and then test your friends...

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